Chimpanzee Memory

Below is a video from Kyoto University’s Chimpanzee research facility. You can observe Ayumu remembering the position of numbers on a screen after seeing them for only 210 milliseconds. This capability basically represents a photographic memory, and it far surpasses human memory skills. These tests show that we underestimated cognitive skills (and probably also the capability of experiencing emotions) in animals.

Chimpanzees split from the human branch of evolution about four to six million years ago; they are our closest relatives in the animal world. They use tools like spears, they have limited language capability, and they are sophisticated group hunters. They can be deceptive in their behavior, and they are capable of planning for future events. They can mourn, and they can be altruistic within their groups. Our human sense of being fundamentally different from all other animals needs to be reexamined; it is probably the deepest hypocrisy we carry.

See for yourself:

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