The idea of landscape reaches to the core of human experience – we always require a space in order to imagine ourselves. Nature is our natural space.

“My aim is to borrow from the (visible) world nothing but forces—not forms, but the means of making forms. Not history. Not décor. But the feeling of matter itself, rock, air, water, vegetable matter—and their elementary properties. And acts and phases—not persons and their memory.”  (Paul Valéry)

“The idea of landscape, that free falling splendor of sensation that artists unearth in the cosmos or in the ripples of a river lies at the core of human experience, the fabric of experience. Artists experience their environments differently. Intensities and perceptions vary. Regardless, it is the outside space of the imagination that entices and for some artists the richest soil to germinate is there.” (Tad Mike 2009)

Most of these  images are taken in the years before 2000, mostly in the Bay Area, Hawaii, or the Alps. Old memories.

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