Text Collections

Over the years I have collected reference texts for workshops and classes. In order to keep this blog simple I have moved these texts into separate smaller websites. You can access them through the menu or through the list with descriptions below. These small websites are organized by topic; they contain quotes and selections of short texts from the philosophical, psychological, theological, and literary traditions I find most interesting.  There are also some lecture notes, discussion points, summaries, and links to external resources.

Here is the overview:  

  1. Philosophy Texts: A selection of philosophy texts through the centuries.  
  2. Metaphysics Blog: Dedicated to metaphysical reflections. A core discipline of Western thought.  This website also contains very short summaries, discussion topics, and some lecture notes.   
  3. Existentialism: A website with texts from the existentialist movement in philosophy, psychology, and art. Existentialism is  not a philosophical system; it describes an early 20th-century movement that emphasizes the uniqueness of our lives. Existentialist themes can be found in literature, philosophy, and the arts. Existentialism has many historical and intellectual roots and includes thinkers as diverse as Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Sartre. It is also not a dead movement; it continues to bear fruit in our times.
  4. Self and Society: Texts about social and political theory, anthropology, and sociology.  For many years I have taught classes about human rights and social justice, and I developed an interest in political philosophy and political economy. Our lives depend on global political and economic structures and trends that are hard to understand or control. Political philosophers face new horizons in an increasingly globalizing world with huge environmental challenges, because our traditional models of governance and politics cannot be applied easily  today.
  5. Money and Truth: A website about the the foundations of our economic systems and economic justice.  It is unclear whether the huge economic inequality we can observe everywhere will lead to more divergence or convergence over time. Capitalism is not the same as a market economy, companies themselves are transforming rapidly, and economic policies always have political consequences. I am not an expert, but I like to read and think about these questions.    
  6. Psychology and Psychoanalysis: Text collection related to psychoanalysis and psychology in general.  Since I am also a psychotherapist,  I am mainly interested in theories of the subject and in the philosophy of mind. I have spent years studying psychoanalysis and writers like Freud, Jung, Bion, and Lacan. The topic of my dissertation was Lacanian theory and the psychoanalysis of religion. 
  7. Spirituality, Religions, and Theology: Small selection of writings from Christian theology to Zen.  The conversation and coherence between Eastern and Western traditions influences religious and spiritual practices everywhere; religions are no longer in a position to make absolute truth claims. While the world is caught up in new cultural and religious wars,  modern science has opened up a perspective of profound nihilism and immanence. We don’t need supernatural assumptions to explain the world around us, but nevertheless, humans are very spiritual creatures.  What are spiritual experiences? Can mysticism become a new unifying element for us?  Also, environmental consciousness is awakening everywhere; it transcends the scientific and political efforts to understand and control global warming. 
  8. Logic, Math & Science:  A small selection of writings about science, and its underlying principles. From Physics to Biology.  
  9. Art and Literature: An unsystematic collection of literature and art.
  10. Quotes:  Over the years, I came across short sayings and quotes that I liked. Here, they are finally collected in one place:  old traditions, deep insights, from famous people and brilliant critics.