Featured Challenges of the Anthropocene

Year: 2011

Chinese Dynasties

I learned almost nothing about Chinese history when I went to school in Germany. In our times, it is really important to learn global history, and not just the history of our own countries or continents. The following short overview...

/ December 24, 2011

Prime numbers in nature

I found this on Wikipedia, reading about prime numbers: “Inevitably, some of the numbers that occur in nature are prime. There are, however, relatively few examples of numbers that appear in nature because they are prime. One example of the...

/ November 23, 2011

What is thinking? – Heidegger

"We come to know what it means to think when we ourselves try to think. If the attempt is to be successful, we must be ready to learn thinking. As soon as we allow ourselves to become involved in such...

/ November 12, 2011