Can Ethics be the First Philosophy?

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  1. Enrique says:

    I am reminded very little of the story where one man asks the other, “Do you derive your identity from your activity?” and the other replied, “of course not, I am a philosopher!”

    The first Philosophy is how the brain works, the second is what there is to perceive.

    Me myself I came from nowhere and back to nowhere shall I return. In between I laugh heartily (although, like the joke, my ribs only hurt when I laugh) at the very thought of Existence; existence is like a thousand times harder than Olympic silver to achieve: untenable by these “in front of the camera behind of the camera” type of walking enchiladas, a bunch of wires, circuits, and quantum dynamical sub systems. So much is in automatic mode for this ambulatory camera with planning, execution, and post game analysis centers. We are programmed by our 15 environments, all 4 brains, all 7 “smart fields” and that one Intelligence

    • You are raising a good question – what about people who just simulate being someone? This is because they don’t have much faith in their existence, for whatever reason. See Lacan’s mirror stage essay somewhere on this site. I think you would find the mirror device as a metaphor for identity creation interesting.

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