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Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget (1896-1980) was one of the forerunners of cognitive psychology. He examined the development of the cognitive functions in children, and gave us more insight into the world of...

Chimpanzee Memory

Chimpanzees split from the human branch of evolution about four to six million years ago; they are our closest relatives in the animal world. They use tools like spears, they have limited language capability, and they are sophisticated group hunters. They can be deceptive in their behavior, and they are capable of planning for future events. They can mourn, and they can be altruistic within their groups. Our human sense of being fundamentally different from all other animals needs to be reexamined; it is probably the deepest hypocrisy we carry.

The German Coast Guard

A few points need to be made about the video clip below: Germany does not have a long coastline, therefore the German Coast Guard probably did not receive the kind...

Hyperbolic Space

Here are two computer-animated videos from Youtube that demonstrate some properties of knots, the relations between knots and space, and how we arrive at hyperbolic space. Easy to watch, and...

Turning a Sphere inside-out

How do you turn a sphere inside out, without punching a hole into it? It is possible,as you can see in the transformations in this fascinating video:

Murray Gell-Mann

Murray Gell-Mann developed the theory of quarks, the fundamental particles that constitute the atomic core. Here is an excerpt of his biography from the Nobel prize website.

Mathematical Infinity

“There are two approaches to mathematical infinity. It can be seen as defining limiting cases that can never be realized or as existing in some philosophical sense. These mathematical approaches parallel approaches to meaning and value that I call absolutist and evolutionary. The absolutist sees ultimate meaning as something that exists most commonly in the form of an all powerful infinite God. The evolutionary sees life and all of a creation as an ever expanding journey with no ultimate or final goal. There is only the journey. There is no destination. This video argues for an evolutionary view in our sense of meaning and values and in our mathematical understanding. There is a deep connection between the two with profound implications for the evolution of consciousness and human destiny.” (Paul Budnik)

Tesseracts: from 3 to 4 Dimensions.

The short video clip below shows the 3D rotations of a 4D object. The deeper questions concern the nature of a “dimension”. How do we know what a dimension is, and if we live in a 3D universe, could we possible also exist in a higher-dimensional universe? it is best to start with simple examples in order to train the mind to think about these questions. The clip below shows a tesseract, which is the four-dimensional analog of a cube. (In geomery, it is called a regular octachoron or cubic prism.) The tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square.

Klein Bottle

The Klein bottle is the next step up from a Moebius strip.  A Moebius Strip is a two-dimensional object in three-dimensional space, and a Klein Bottle is a one-dimensional object...