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Ancient Philosophy

On Cicero

I recently added some texts from the ancient Roman politician and philosopher Cicero (106 – 43 BC) to this blog. Cicero rose to the highest political offices in Rome, and he defended the Roman Republic, a limited version of democracy...

/ October 31, 2016

Cicero: In Verrem

In Verrem (“Against Verres”) is a series of speeches made by Cicero in 70 BC, during the corruption and extortion trial of Gaius Verres, the former governor of Sicily. The speeches made Cicero famous. This is the only known case...

/ August 15, 2016

Plato – Overview

Plato is perhaps the most influential philosopher of all times. This page contains his biography and some web links for further study. I quote his biography from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Biography Birth It is widely accepted that Plato, the...

/ November 17, 2012