Featured Challenges of the Anthropocene


Challenges of the Anthropocene

This paper draws on early twentieth-century philosophical anthropology as well as cognitive science and evolutionary anthropology to examine how humans compensated for their biological under-determination by becoming second-natured, empathetic, cooperative, symbol-using creatures. Examining the capacities for cooperation that emerged in...

/ November 19, 2018

Michel de Certeau

Michel de Certeau (1925-1986) was a Jesuit, an anthropologist, and he was involved with Lacan’s psychoanalytic movement. He writes about mysticism, the practice of everyday life, and the forces that unify people into groups, and that also separate them. What...

/ December 25, 2012

Gregory Bateson – Quotes

What is the pattern that connects all living creatures? (Bateson, Mind and Nature, 1979, p.8) ‘But the bits and pieces of mind which appear before consciousness invariably give a false picture of mind as a whole. The systemic character of...

/ January 19, 2012

Gregory Bateson

The following description of Bateson’s life and work is quoted from his obituary in the American Anthropologist, Volume 84, Number 2, June 1982: Gregory Bateson died on July 4, 1980, at the age of 76, survived by his wife, Lois;...

/ January 19, 2012