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Learning is a life-long activity. The number of books on my list is increasing, which means I have been very busy reading in 2018. Feel free to send me an email if you like one of these books, or if you have other suggestions. I also included some good Youtube channels in my list.


  1. Kimhi, Irad. 2018. Thinking and Being. Harvard University Press.
  2. Habermas, Jürgen. 2018. Philosophical Introductions: Five Approaches to Communicative Reason. 1 edition. Polity.
  3. Smith, Justin E. H. 2015. Nature, Human Nature, and Human Difference: Race in Early Modern Philosophy. 1 edition. Princeton University Press.

Political Theory

  1. Eisenstadt, Shmuel N. 2017. The Political Systems of Empires. 1 edition. Routledge.
  2. Honneth, Axel. 2016. The Idea of Socialism: Towards a Renewal. 1 edition. Polity.
  3. MacLean, Nancy. 2018. Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America. Reprint edition. Penguin Books.
  4. Prashad, Vijay. 2016. The Death of the Nation and the Future of the Arab Revolution. 1 edition. University of California Press.
  5. Snyder, Timothy. 2018. The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America. First Edition. Tim Duggan Books.
  6. Losurdo, Domenico. 2014. Liberalism: A Counter-History. Translated by Gregory Elliott. Kindle. Verso.


  1. Morson, Gary Saul, and Morton Schapiro. 2018. Cents and Sensibility: What Economics Can Learn from the Humanities. Reprint edition. Princeton University Press.
  2. Mazzucato, Mariana. 2018. The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy. Kindle. PublicAffairs.

Life Sciences

  1. Doudna, Jennifer A., and Samuel H. Sternberg. 2017. A Crack in Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution. Reprint edition. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
  2. Benyus, Janine M., and Alexandra Horowitz. 2014. Secret Language of Animals: A Guide to Remarkable Behavior. Kindle. Black Dog & Leventhal.


  1. Ferdowsi, Abolqasem, and Azar Nafisi. 2016. Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings (Penguin Classics). Translated by Dick Davis. Expanded edition. Penguin Classics.
  2. Assmann, Jan. 2005. Death and Salvation in Ancient Egypt. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

Social Sciences

  1. Stern, Donnel B. 2015. Relational Freedom: Emergent Properties of the Interpersonal Field (Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series 26). 1 edition. Routledge.
  2. Zondervan, Antonius A. W. Zondervan. Sociology and the Sacred: An Introduction to Philip Rieff’s Theory of Culture. Reprint edition. Place of publication not identified: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, 2016. Print
  3. Bateson, Gregory. 1987. “Angels Fear. Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred.” Macmillan.

Youtube Channels:

The first two channels are about mathematics. You can learn about this fascinating and fundamental discipline in easy to watch video clips that don’t cut any corners. The last channel is a blend of Eastern and Western music, from a German music project in Osnabrück.

  1. Mathologger
  2. Numberphile
  3. Morgenland