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The Happiness of Fish

The “happiness of fish” refers to a story in the Zhuangzhi, which is a Chinese book (c. 286 BCE), and one of the foundational texts of Taoism. The story consists of a dialog between Chuang Tzu and Hui Tzu, Most...

/ May 31, 2015

China: Charter 08

The Charter 08 was signed by over three hundred prominent Chinese citizens, and published in 2008. It was conceived and written in admiration of the 1977 Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia. The Chinese document calls not for reform of the current political...

/ January 30, 2015


China is one of the most dynamic and interesting countries today; it’s emerging power will shape the 21st century. Here are some facts about the country that I find useful to understand it better. Population China is the largest country...

/ November 5, 2013

Chinese Dynasties

I learned almost nothing about Chinese history when I went to school in Germany. In our times, it is really important to learn global history, and not just the history of our own countries or continents. The following short overview...

/ December 24, 2011