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Global History

The History of South East Asia

Southeast Asia is an extremely diverse region on Earth. It consists of many large and small ecological areas. It has a staggering variety of economic, social, and cultural niches. Hundreds of ethnic groups and languages coexist in the space between...

/ October 15, 2017


The Renaissance is a cultural movement that starts from Italy in the mid-14th century and spreads through Europe. It brings the Medieval time period to an end, and is marked by a changing consciousness about politics, the world, and art....

/ December 9, 2012

Global History – Timeline

Overview by Period and Region Prehistoric Landmarks c. 2−2.5 million……………..More humanlike species with larger brain size years ago in eastern Africa. 120,000 years ago ………….Arrival of Homo sapiens sapiens; later displacement of Neanderthals and other species across Asia and Europe...

/ December 26, 2011