Featured Challenges of the Anthropocene


Interview with Heinz von Foerster, 1995.

This Interview was conducted by Stefano Franchi, Güven Güzeldere, and Eric Minch, representing Stanford Humanities Review. stanford humanities review: The primary goal of this special issue of SHR is to promote a multidisciplinary dialogue on Artificial Intelligence and the humanities....

/ February 25, 2019

Heidegger – Spiegel Interview

SPIEGEL: Professor Heidegger, we have noticed again and again that your philosophical work is somewhat overshadowed by incidents in your life that, although they didn’t last very long, were never clarified, either because you were too proud or because you...

/ January 17, 2013

Interview with Simone de Beauvoir, 1976

Simone de Beauvoir wrote a groundbreaking book on Feminism,  “The Second Sex,” in 1949.  In the following interview she discusses the text,  more than 25 years after it was written. Interview: John Gerassi, 1976; Published: Society, Jan-Feb. 1976; Gerassi. It’s...

/ November 8, 2012

Wilfred Bion: A Seminar in Paris. 1978

We have become used to the idea that psychoanalysis is an attempt to make a scientific approach to the human personality. It is a view which attaches great importance to facts, to the truth, to the real thing. If that...

/ January 17, 2012

Interview with Jacques Lacan

Interview with Jacques Lacan, 1957 Published in L’Express in May 1957. Interviewer: A psychoanalyst is very intimidating. One has the feeling that he could manipulate you as he wishes, that he knows more than you about the motives of your...

/ September 19, 2011