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Nietzsche: A look back.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is one of the most important philosophers of the last 200 years. He foresaw the downfall of Europe, even though he died in 1900, and he influenced...

Philosophy Timeline

The following list is a work in progress, and includes only Western thinkers. The Project Gutenberg text collection also has a good timeline of Eastern philosophy. CLASSICAL PHILOSOPHERS  600-500 BCE...

Edmund Husserl: The Crisis of European Sciences. 1937

LET US GO BACK to the times in which modern man and the modern philosopher still believed in themselves and in a philosophy, when, in the context of the transcendental motivation, they struggled for a new philosophy with the responsible seriousness of an inner, absolute calling that one senses in every word of the genuine philosopher, Even after the so-called collapse of the Hegelian philosophy, in which the line of development determined by Kant culminated, this seriousness remained intact for a time in the philosophies reacting against Hegel