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Plato – Overview

Plato is perhaps the most influential philosopher of all times. This page contains his biography and some web links for further study. I quote his biography from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Biography Birth It is widely accepted that Plato, the...

/ November 17, 2012

Plato: Meno Dialog

 Meno is a Socratic dialogue, written by Plato.In this dialog, Socrates and his partners philosophize about the nature of virtue. In the second part of the dialog, Socrates introduces the ideas of the immortality of the soul, and the theory...

/ November 17, 2012

Plato: Euthyphro Dialog

Plato’s Euthyphro is a dialogue between Socrates and the young Euthyphro outside the court in Athens just before Socrates goes to trial. As Socrates has been charged by the Athenians with ‘impiety’, and as Euthypho claims to understand piety perfectly...

/ May 15, 2012

Plato: Parmenides Dialog

Translated by Benjamin Jowett, from Project Gutenberg. Here are some links that will help to understand the text better:  Plato’s Parmenides (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Parmenides (dialogue) – Wikipedia The symbolic structure of Plato’s Parmenides   PARMENIDES PERSONS OF THE...

/ February 6, 2012