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Russian Literature

Akhmatova: Requiem

Not under foreign skies Nor under foreign wings protected – I shared all this with my own people There, where misfortune had abandoned us. [1961] INSTEAD OF A PREFACE During the frightening years of the Yezhov terror, I spent seventeen...

/ December 11, 2011

Grand Inquisitor

From ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Part II, Book 5: Pro and Contra, Chapter 5: The Grand Inquisitor, translated by Constance Garnett. Full text: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/dostoevsky/brothers.html “Even this must have a preface- that is, a literary preface,” laughed Ivan, “and...

/ December 11, 2011

Anton Chekhov

Biography From the Encyclopedia Britannica: “Anton Chekhov, in full Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (born Jan. 29 [Jan. 17, Old Style], 1860, Taganrog, Russia—died July 14/15 [July 1/2], 1904, Badenweiler, Ger.), major Russian playwright and master of the modern short story. He...

/ November 25, 2011

Marina Tsvetaeva

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva (Russian: Мари́на Ива́новна Цвета́ева; 8 October [O.S. 26 September] 1892 – 31 August 1941) was a Russian and Soviet poet. Her work is considered among some of the greatest in twentieth century Russian literature. She lived through and...

/ November 25, 2011

Anna Akhmatova

Biography Her real name is Anna Andreevna Gorenko, a Russian poet credited with a large influence on Russian poetry. Akhmatova’s work ranges from short lyric poems to universalized, ingeniously structured cycles, such as Requiem (1935-40), her tragic masterpiece about the...

/ November 25, 2011

Fyodor Dostojewskij

Born to parents Mikhail and Maria, Fyodor was the second of seven children. Fyodor’s mother died of an illness in 1837. Fyodor and his brother Michael were sent to the Military Engineering Academy at St. Petersburg shortly after their mother’s...

/ November 25, 2011