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Wilfred Bion

Wilfred Bion: A Seminar in Paris. 1978

We have become used to the idea that psychoanalysis is an attempt to make a scientific approach to the human personality. It is a view which attaches great importance to facts, to the truth, to the real thing. If that...

/ January 17, 2012

Wilfred Bion: Biography.

The biography of Wilfred Bion, taken from the jacket of “Cogitations“. “Born in India in 1897, W. R. Bion first came to England at the age of eight to receive his schooling. During the First World War he served in...

/ January 16, 2012

Wilfred Bion: Miscellaneous Quotes

“…To prevent someone who KNOWS from filling the empty space.” ‘Comparing my own personal experience with the history of psychoanalysis, and even the history of human thought, it does seem to be rather ridiculous that one finds oneself in a...

/ September 24, 2011