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Wittgenstein: The Nature of Philosophy

From: Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations. 89-92. 106-133.  89. In what sense is logic something sublime? For there seemed to pertain to logic a peculiar depth–a universal significance. Logic lay, it seemed, at the bottom of all the science.–For logical investigation explores the...

/ September 25, 2011

The Will

Wittgenstein: Philosophical Investigations. 587-594; 611-629.         587. It makes sense to ask: ‘Do I really love her, or am I only pretending to myself?’ and the process of introspection is the calling up of memories; of imagined possible situations, and of the...

/ September 25, 2011

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Born in Vienna into one of Europe's richest families, he gave away his entire inheritance. Three of his brothers committed suicide, with Wittgenstein contemplating it as well.He left academia several times: serving as an officer on the frontline during World...

/ September 24, 2011