World Urbanization Trends

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  1. At this time, 2050, the new immortality drugs are available, and 50 % of jobs are done by machine and rising. What of the individual? Will they know how their brains work, and how to re program the mind (The Science of Positive Mental Energy Visualization), will they know how to fight monsters with a surrounding silence and apathy bigger than the Grand Canyon? Will people continue to not read or want to study? What people? How are they known: by their appearance, by their actions, by their job, by their wealth, by their humor? Who is the kid going to play with in 2050, a robot? Of course the child is home schooled: home is where the computer wall is, teachers at a distance, the best ones, and the local “primary care” teachers, but: What of motivation in these cities?

    We speak of Metroplex yet do not give a definition: A metroplex presently is a metro area with 4 million or more people. Step 2: a person gaggles “American Metroplexes” and you get 31. You go to each one, or your friends do, and establish DEALER NETWORKS for the products and services you make or have found and want to represent. You go Big Street Dealer network because: 100 accounts x $100 per month per account = more money than you can shake a stick at, and then you go do Trade Shows. Such is the life, but what about the suburbs? Has anyone actually taken a plane trip over the country? It is mostly empty and barren of trees. Can we not devise Living Islands to compete with urban, for those that do not engage in other than perhaps light manufacturing and drone deliveries “out there” the water is below, the sun is above, some live underground, some above, more room for the amazing: RE WILDING OF THE HUMAN where my house is like a pizza slice, and the house has behind it a forest of the new plants that can make a primal forest out of your back yard. But what then, are you just going to sit there? Will robots stimulate your muscles, will you care to eat from my book “Your First Real Food Shopping List” will we ever care about things which take time to unfold? Perhaps not, for we are cameras with our emotions the wireless film.

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